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OMFG Of The Day #3: ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ Roars To Life In First Ever Preview!

The Ray Harryhausen inspired dino epic known as “TYRANNOSAURUS REX” was first made known to us here at Graphic Content earlier this Fall, as it was revealed that publisher Image Comics would be working with the writing team of Jay Fotos & Mark Kidwell (along with illustrator, Jeff Zornow) on the prehistoric horror title slated for a a February release date. Since then there haven’t been any real updates, but that all changed today as Newsarama released the first look inside the series’ debut issue, which can be found beyond the break. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Jay Fotos and Mark Kidwell

“In the steaming jungles of a world too young for a name, man and dinosaur share the food chain. When a rogue Tyrannosaurus tramples the luckless village of Taka-Na one time too many, the delicate balance is destroyed, leaving one man to face the deadly god-lizard alone. For the preservation of his village, the safety of his tribe and the love of a hot stone-age mama in a fur bikini, he will risk it all.”

“TYRANNOSAURUS REX” Issue #1 Drops This February From Image Comics!

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