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Image Comics Brings In The ‘Hoax Hunters’ Within The Pages Of ‘Hack/Slash’!

With the release of the first issue of Tim Seeley’s “HACK/SLASH” for Image Comics the publisher threw in a little extra added bonus material with the first installment of the all new “HOAX HUNTERS” serial. The series will continue its run in the back pages of Seeley’s series next week, and below you can get a small glimpse of the story as well as the details.

“Chupacabra. Yeti. The Montauk Monster. All the creatures of folklore, legend, and Internet fame–what if they were real? They’d be made to appear fake by a reality TV show, of course! HOAX HUNTERS is that show, though to their viewing audience, their goal is the exact opposite: seeking out YouTube sensations, tabloid creatures, and reported monsters and proving them to be false. The HOAX HUNTERS demonstrate that the truth isn’t out there.

In this initial run, readers follow the HOAX HUNTERS team as they respond to a mysterious American astronaut—accompanied by a murder of crows—who appears in Russia. And that team, which consists of a reanimated corpse, a former child star who suffered a demonic possession, and a special ops agent, isn’t your typical television cast. But to their audience, these are just their roles.”

“HOAX HUNTERS” #1 Is Available Now In “HACK/SLASH” Issue #1, And Releases Its Second Installment On March 9th From Image Comics! (MSRP-$3.50)



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