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‘The Gunslinger’ Enters The ‘Battle Of Tull’ In Newest ‘Dark Tower’ Story Arc!

The world of Stephen King’s ‘THE DARK TOWER’ only continues to be more expansive and grow by the day. With a new film/television series FINALLY in the works, as well as an all new original novel recently announced by the author, it would seem that now is as good a time as any to be a fan of Roland and his Ka’tet. Today publisher Marvel Comics released new details on their newest “DARK TOWER” story-line entitled “THE BATTLE OF TULL”, and below you can check out the cover art and synopsis.

WRITTEN BY: Peter David

“In a saloon in the town of Tull, the last gunslinger is approached by a bizarre figure that has a message for him. The message is terrifying. What’s worse, it is delivered by a dead man named Nort whose corpse was animated to serve this very purpose. And that is only the beginning of the horrors awaiting the gunslinger in this strange place deep within Mid-World. We continue Roland Deschain’s quest for the Man in Black that has become his obsession. Featuring the artistic talents of Michael Lark, whose fine pencils have graced the pages of Daredevil and Spider-Man.”

“THE DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER – THE BATTLE OF TULL” Issue #1 Drops This June From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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