OMFG Of The Day: BOOM! Studios To End '28 Days Later' This Summer! - Bloody Disgusting
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OMFG Of The Day: BOOM! Studios To End ’28 Days Later’ This Summer!



Fans of the “28 DAYS LATER” monthly from BOOM! Studios will be saddened to hear that today the publisher announced that the series will be ending with the release of its 24th issue, which hits stores this June. The series, which began with writer Michael Alan Nelson at the helm in 2009, told the ongoing story of the film’s original protagonist, Selena, and brought new light to the backstory of the film’s mysterious heroine. Below you can get all the details on the announcement as well as the cover art.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Alan Nelson
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Alejandro Aragon
COVERS BY: Sean Phillips.

“Last Issue! Selena and Clint’s long journey is coming to an end — and you know endings in the 28 Days Later universe do not usually end well. With London burning, Selena and Clint are caught in the middle of the most menacing threat yet. Will this be Selena and Clint’s finest hour — or their last?”

“28 DAYS LATER” Issue #24 Drops This June From BOOM! Studios! (MSRP-$3.99)


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