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A Smoking Hot First Look At The Return of ‘Avengelyne’!

Raise your hand if you remember Rob Liefeld’s (“NEW MUTANTS”, “X-FORCE”) ubber violent cutting edge heroine, “AVENGELYNE”…Not ringing any bells? Well all the way back in 1995 the scribe debuted the character with his now defunct Maximum Press publishing company, before it folded by the end of the 90s leaving the character to become a bit of a nomad of sorts across different publishers. (There’s your history lesson for the day, kiddos) However, now thanks to Image Comics the character has a new home, and this July she will be returning with her own all new monthly series! Inside you can check out a 4 page preview of all the action. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Mark Poulton

“The redesigned supernatural heroine, Avengelyne, will return to comics to continue her search for atonement by correcting the wrongs of villains the likes of Torment, an aptly named psychotic serial killer, and Red Dragon, who appears to have found a new human vessel.”

“AVENGELYNE” Issue #1 Drops July 20th From Image Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)



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