Pete Von Sholly Weaves A Web Of Insanity With All New TPB, 'Spinecrawler' - Bloody Disgusting
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Pete Von Sholly Weaves A Web Of Insanity With All New TPB, ‘Spinecrawler’



In an industry as demanding as that of the comic book world, it is often times hard enough for a creator to share his/her vision in one medium, much less take on the backbreaking task of the entire work load. Case in point – Pete Von Sholly, who donated not only his writing skills, but also all the illustrations for his newest graphic novel entitled “SPINECRAWLER”, which will be hitting store shelves this July. Below you can check out the specs and get all the info on the book.


“Spinecrawler is the story of a young girl who goes to the Big City to save her sister from the clutches of a mad artist with a sinister secret. She discovers a twisted madman whose nightmares are not just those of his drug-fueled imagination. His web of insanity is just the gateway to a terrifying unknown reality from which she may be lucky to save herself in the end. Brought to you by writer/artist Pete Von Sholly, the legendary veteran storyboard artist from dozens of Hollywood feature films, having worked with Sam Raimi, Frank Darabont, George Romero, Brian Yuzna, and many others.”

“SPINECRAWLER” Hits Store Shelves This July! (MSRP-$17.99, 128 Pages, Black And White)


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