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Comic Book Industry Rallies For Joplin Missouri Tornado Relief, How To Help!

Normally we are pretty tongue-in-cheek, and we spend most of our time here reading stories of death, brutality, and violence, but this past wweekend mother nature showed us just how horrifying the real world can be. This past Sunday a tornado ripped through the Joplin Missouri area, killing almost 100 people and injuring many more (A statistic that local police and National Guard expect to grow.) But in the wake of this event, the comic book industry and the wonderful people who help bring us all the comics we love have rallied around the city, and taken to Twitter to help. From this journalist’s standpoint, Joplin Missouri is the only a few short hours from not only myself, but Johnny_Trouble and Kerabastos, and our hearts go out to all those in need. Inside you can get all the details on how you can contribute to the relief, and below you can check out how local Joplin comic book shop, Hurley’s Heroes, is helping the cause. In addition to that, you can also view the insane storm chaser video of the twister that tore through the town, and see for yourself just how impressive the it actually was. Read on for the skinny…

Local Joplin Comic Shop Rallies Behind City…

“WE ARE HERE. WE WANT TO HELP. We will be open at 10th and Maiden Lane as long as it takes. We have a safe undamaged building with electricity and running water. We have some canned food, clean clothes, and a bit of bottled water. If ANYONE needs ANYTHING please get ahold of us. The store is 417-782-6642, and Jason’s cell is 417-499-6994 we will try our hardest to help you, or find someone who can.

Anyone who wants to come by and help us help others, please do. We could use more bottled water, non perishable food items, and clean clothes. Get ahold of us at the above numbers, email, or come by the store.” Earlier today the comic book world was abuzz on Twitter as writers, illustrators, and publishers alike continued to retweet the following tweet, which gave readers and fans a chance to help contribute to the cause. Below you can get information on how YOU can help contribute.

Heart of MO United Way accepting $10 donations by texts of “JOPLIN” to 864833 (100% given to tornado relief efforts)



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