'Wonderland' Returns To Shelves This Week With The '2011 Annual'! - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Wonderland’ Returns To Shelves This Week With The ‘2011 Annual’!

Zenescope fans rejoice, because if the internet just isn’t giving you enough overly sexed, borderline pornographic versions of your favorite fairy tale vixens, then the publisher has you more than covered with “WONDERLAND 2011 ANNUAL”. The book will be hitting your local shop tomorrow, but if you make the jump you can check out a 4 page preview and get all the details. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Ralph Tedesco
COVERS BY: Sean Chen, Nei Ruffino, Mike DeBalfo, and John Hunt

“When a group of teens become the latest victims of the House of Liddle, a brilliant young teen will make it his personal mission to ensure that the house never hurts anyone else again. But does the boy have what it takes to stop the madness before it consumes him? Don’t miss this final chapter of the House of Liddle!”

“WONDERLAND 2011 ANNUAL” Hits Shelves June 29th From Zenescope Publishing! (MSRP – $5.99)