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A Smashing Preview Of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ Issue #635

HULK SMASH! On August 31st, Greg Pak’s killer run on The Incredible Hulks comes to a end, but Hulk won’t be going down without a fight. Hulk has gone through some tough times, fought some brutal battles, but nothing will compare to this final showdown. The green muscly monster will be pulling out all the stops in the extra long concluding issue. Thanks to our buds over at Marvel, check out this 5 page preview! Read on for the skinny…

hulkc WRITTEN BY: Greg Pak
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Paul Pelletier and Tom Grummett
COVERS BY: Paul Pelletier and Adi Granov

“THIS IS IT! The finale of Marvel scribe extraordinaire Greg Pak’s heralded Hulk run, and he’s not leaving without a fight! Or in this case, an uncompromising beatdown unlike anything the Hulk has ever endured. All the stops have been pulled out and nothing is off the table in this crushingly climactic issue brought to life by acclaimed artist Paul Pelletier, a must-read event for any and all fans of the Green Goliath in this awesome, extra-large final issue!”




‘The Incredible Hulk’ Issue #635 drop August 31st from Marvel Comics! (MSRP $3.99)



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