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Things Get Weird In The Final Issue Of ‘Batman and Robin’!

The Dynamic Duo comes to an close this week, a sad time for Bat-fans around the world. The wacky mind of David Hine sees ‘Batman and Robin’ out the door, and things get a little bit weird. Well, a lot weird. Any fan of modern art will appreciate the references to René Magritte as the Bat and Boy Wonder are sent to Paris to investigate a loopy psycho. Don’t miss this short but sweet preview of the final issue of ‘Batman and Robin’ from DC Comics. Read on for the skinny…

batrobcoverbatrobcover2 WRITTEN BY: David Hine
ILLUSTRATIONS BY:Greg Tocchini, Andrei Bressan

In an issue full of illusions, twists, and misdirection, Batman and Robin must cling to reality in order to survive. After four murderous psychopaths are released from Le Jardin Noir, the French equivalent to Arkham Asylum, the ensuing chaos is as much of a visual trip as it is a mental one. But who is the ringleader of this insanity and can Batman, Robin and Nightrunner stop him from turning the whole world abstract?”




“Batman and Robin” issue #26 Drops Wednesday August 10th from DC Comics (MSRP $2.99)



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