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‘Planet Of The Apes’ Fans Get Their Monthly Fix For Just A $1!

With the recent theatrical success of “RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES” it looks as if the franchise is in fact quite healthy despite Tim Burton’s efforts. Not to be forgotten about, BOOM! Studios will be celebrating the hype behind the franchise by giving readers a chance to get caught up on the series by saving YOU some money. That’s a win-win Charlie Sheen, and this Wednesday you can pick up the fifth issue of Daryl Gregory’s “PLANET OF THE APES” monthly for just $1, and the trade paper-back of the series’ first 4 issues for just $10s. So pound your chests, and stop shaving boys and girls, because beyond the break we have a look inside the madness. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Daryl Gregory
COVERS BY: Scott Keating and Carlos Magno

“New arc! BOOM! Studios wants you to get caught up on the Planet of the Apes comic series that is taking comic fandom by storm! Buy issue #5 for $1 and get the trade of the first four issues for only $9.99.”

“PLANET OF THE APES” Issue #5 Drops August 31st From BOOM! Studios! (MSRP – $1.00)



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