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MUDVAYNE’s Upcoming Self-titled Album Artwork Only Visible Under a Black Light

The Pulse of Radio reports: MUDVAYNE revealed the cover art for its upcoming self-titled album earlier this week, but the catch is that the artwork will only be visible under a black light. And not just the cover art either: the entire packaging will be white, with everything — including lyrics, credits, inside art and photos — only seen with a black light. Frontman Chad Gray told The Pulse of Radio how the idea came together. “Because we did the black album with (second album) ‘The End Of All Things To Come’, with this record I wanted to do a white record. So I started talking to some people in the art departments about things, and wanted to know if they made a black light reflective ink. It turns out they actually do have an ink or whatever, and it’s awesome, because the record is, in the truest sense, it’s a white album. If you pull out the inlay card, it’s all white until you put a black light on it. And when you put a black light on it, everything shows up.”

Listen to “Heard It All Before” from the upcoming album

The album is set to release December 22nd, features artwork by tattoo artist Paul Booth (awesome), and will be available as multiple versions including,

– standard CD
– glow-in-the-dark vinyl
– a limited edition of 100,000 copies featuring a keychain-sized black light
– a limited edition of 1,000 copies containing the album on CD, the vinyl version, a 24-inch black light, a black light reactive poster and a black light reactive decal



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