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The Ocean’s ‘Heliocentric’ Available for Preview

The Ocean has created a very cool page in support of their upcoming album ‘Heliocentric’. Viewers can hear snippets of the songs on the album as well as read the lyrics. I’ve checked it out and some of the samples sound very intriguing and the lyrics make for an interesting read, to say the least. 

Check it out HERE.

Metal Blade Records is also offering two pre-order packages. Fans can now pre-order Heliocentric as just the CD or in a CD/t-shirt package. Go HERE for details and prices. The packaging for Heliocentric is quite amazing, featuring a black digipak with silver foil and black embossed designs as well as tarot cards in place of the traditional CD booklet. There are a total of 9 tarot cards, each with its own artwork on one side and lyrics on the opposite side. Heliocentric is out April 13th so make sure to pick up your copy now at the special pre-order price.
Also available on the pre-order page is the 1st of 4 ‘In the Studio’ videos; each week leading up to the release of Heliocentric a new video will go live so be sure to keep checking back in.
Here is the track list for ‘Heliocentric’:
1. Shamayim
2. Firmament
3. The First Commandment of the Luminaries
4. Ptolemy Was Wrong
5. Metaphysics of the Hangman
6. Catharsis of a Heretic
7. Swallowed by the Earth
8. Epiphany
9. The Origin of Species
10. The Origin of God
‘Heliocentric’ is the first of a two album concept from The Ocean. The second, ‘Anthropocentric’ is due out in fall of 2010. Both albums are a critique of Christianity from different philosophical and personal view.



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