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Skyforger Featured In BBC Special On Latvian Music

SKYFORGER are currently featured in a BBC special on Latvia’s love of folk music. The band is captured live at a Latvian Music Awards Ceremony and is interviewed by the BBC’s correspondent Damien McGuinness. See the video HERE.
This BBC News series focuses on aspects of life in countries and cities around the world. What may seem ordinary and familiar to the people who live there can be surprising to those who do not. This month Latvia celebrates the 20th anniversary of its declaration of independence from Soviet Russia. An integral part of the fight for freedom was folk singing, which kept the country’s culture alive during the years of Soviet rule. Two decades on, this singing tradition is still alive and kicking, as BBC correspondent Damien McGuinness found out in the Latvian capital Riga.

SKYFORGER’s new album Kurbads streets May 11th in North America and the whole album is streaming on the Terrorizer website until May 9, 2010. Hear it HERE.
Kurbads track listing:
1. Curse Of The Witch
2. Son Of The Mare
3. The Nine-Headed
4. Bewitched Forest
5. In The Yard Of The Father’s Son
6. The Devil Slayer
7. The Stone Sentinel
8. In The Underworld
9. Black Rider
10. The Last Battle
11. Kurbads



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