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Stream Danzig’s New Album ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’ In It’s Entirety Right Now

Put on your muscle shirt right now and head over to AOL Music where you can stream Danzig’s latest album Deth Red Sabaoth.  Don’t worry, no distorted vocals or weird industrial stuff ala Blackacidevil going on here, just straight up Danzig flavored rock and roll.

Glen Danzig commented “I think that fans will really dig this new album, I’ve been told several times that the album has a cool vitality to it, that it sounds energized, and I got that feeling when I was recording it. I wanted to have an organic sound, bigger and thicker, so I went out and bought some 1970’s Kustom tuck ‘n roll bass amps to play some of the guitar parts through. You’ll hear real reverb, real tremolo on this album, which sounds completely different than the stuff that’s done with computer chips.”

There are definitely a few stand out tracks that will appeal to classic Danzig fans including Juju Bone, Rebel Spirits, and Night Star Hell.  Overall, me = not disappointed.
“Deth Red Sabaoth” track listing:

01. Hammer of the Gods (5:20)
02. The Revengeful (4:10)
03. Rebel Spirits (3:58)
04. Black Candy (4:08)
05. On a Wicked Night (4:02)
06. Deth Red Moon (3:58)
07. Ju Ju Bone (4:45)
08. Night Star Hel (6:42)
09. Pyre of Souls (Incanticle) (3:18)
10. Pyre of Souls (Seasons of Pain) (7:17)
11. Left Hand Rise Above (4:22)



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