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Cephalic Carnage Announce New Guitarist

Death metal/grind masters Cephalic Carnage have announced the following statement about their new guitarist:

“So yeah yeah old news, but as most of you know Zac [Joe] left the band, but what you don’t know is who our new guitarist is. Please welcome Brian Hopp a.k.a. Legolas to the Cephalic family. He’s got a really sweet bow and arrow, and his guitar playing is almost as good as his archery. We are extremely pleased with his work on the new record, and we think you will be too. Come tickle his chin and give him a pinch on Summer’s Laughter!”

With that being said you have their new full length “Misled By Certainty” to look forward to which is set to come out on August 31. Until then enjoy their video for “Endless Cycle Of Violence” and don’t forget to catch them on the Summer Slaughter tour!



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