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GWAR Doing Pay Per View Concert On Halloween

GWAR will be streaming their Oct. 31st concert from Rave/Eagle’s Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for your viewing pleasure! The stream will begin at 11pm EST and if you order now until the 30th, the cost is only $3.99. However, if you try and order it on the 31st, it’s a whopping $4.99, so you better order sooner rather than later! Think of what you could do with that dollar! Why, you could go to the local dollar store, get some cheap popcorn, and enjoy it while watching GWAR! You can order the stream HERE!

Here’s a quote from Jizmak:
“For the first time ever, GWAR will play inside of a small box instead of on a stage. The new technology is confusing, but I’m sure it will brainwash all who watch it into mindless slaves of GWAR.”



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