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Remix Periphery’s ‘Icarus Lives’ And Win A Spot On Their Upcoming EP

Periphery has announced a contest for all you audio techs and DJ’s out there: Remix their song ‘Icarus Lives’ and it might just appear on their upcoming EP, Icarus Lives!, which is scheduled to be released in early 2011. Here is what guitarist Misha Mansoor has said about this contest: “Hey guys, since all of us in PERIPHERY are such huge electronic music fans, we came up with a fun idea. We want to do a remix contest for our song ‘Icarus Lives!’ just to see what all you talented folk out there could do with it. We will give you just the vocals and let you go to town on it, be it a trance, house, dubstep, electronica, glitch, drum & bass or whatever your flavor is remix. Make it as crazy or as true to the original as you want, or anything in between, we want to hear what you guys can do, but originality and creativity are always well appreciated. The best part is that the winner’s song will be on our upcoming EP that is due early next year. Have at it.”

You can find all details about the contest on Revolver Magazine’s website.



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