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Mushroomhead Singer Jeffrey Nothing Explains ‘Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children’



Mushroomhead singer Jeffrey Nothing has released a statement where he explains his lyrical inspiration for each track off the new album, ‘Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children’. You can check them out after the jump and I have to say, they’re pretty fascinating if you’re curious as to how to come up with some lyrical ideas. Also after the jump are some tour dates, so check it out!

1) Come On – This is an outcry from the masses. That we have all had more than enough. If you conform and behave and do as you’re told. You’re somebody; if you rock the boat and break the mold…you are a future criminal.  We are not all the same and yet we still exist and mean something in society. Get used to it.
2) Inspiration – We at birth are destined to be taught certain “Words to live by“.  We in this, our developmental stage, take them verbatim and run with this welcome.  “Prison to the Grave” or sometimes until we have our own rational thoughts and are thankfully given the choice to follow them or to stop.  Others find these words to be true in their time of need and so be it I disrespect know body’s opinion or choice. Yet, at the same time…I will speak mine.
3) Slaughterhouse Road – Death, unfortunately one day finds us all. There are many ways to pass away. Terribly, peacefully, with or without honor… and because of the wonderful world we live in. We all have the right, as citizens of which ever country we cherish…have the right to die for said country. I’m simply stating, why if we all one day die anyway. For any reason, true or intentionally fabricated. Why to we speed the course? And is anyone ever truly held accountable?  I still have to say Ozzy and Sabbath said it best all those years ago… “Just like Witches at Black Masses!”
4) I’ll Be Here – As far as my part of the story, this is from the Kevorkian standpoint. If you need because of incurable condition to take that final ride, you should have someone to help. I’ll be there… but at the same time, people with problems in their life don’t need to win any death race! Especially, the teenage community.  Life can seem really hard; I know I have probably 10 friends who chose this path over a two year period in my life.  I think you haven’t any idea of what life could be. When I say, “Why find a way out, till you’re damn sure have been in,” I mean why die, when you have yet to fucking live?
5) Burn the Bridge – This is My Hymn for the Holier than Thou… Because who said?
Take off the shutdown boots, and ride the even plain. We are traced back and we are all virtually the same being.  I don’t so much mean this statement to the religious state as much as civilization as a whole. Upbringings and status can factor largely into the creation of said snobs and still they bloom pompous and expecting… anything really just fill in the blank and I’m not sure why. But these types will probably exist forever. But make no mistake we are all the same. Entitled to nothing more than the things we earn.
6) Holes in the Void – Most times in life, art is a really good way to vent. To release pent up tension and sometimes rage.  For some it is not the case depending on psychosis level.  This art and rage result in horrific headlines. For what ever reason I have been able to get enough release to keep mine on stage, tape and canvas… This is my narrative of the cause and effect society have on us and my thoughts of just how the painting in the less fortunate brains, just might appear.
7) Harvest the Garden – This Is a visual of preparation and indulgence in “The Last Supper”  with the God’s serving up flesh for the titans!!! Like Gods of Wars untold this phenomenon happens how many times over the centuries luckily for the Gods, the food chain is long and plentiful!
And soon there will be a new serving platter, ready to willingly host.
8) The Harm You Do – People can shield friends and family from years of abuse in whatever form, Just to put up an amazing appearance. Make up can cover a lot, clothes for that matter. Drugs can help some by distorting but people can sometimes feel ashamed or not feel themselves anymore and say, “screw it I like my beast” harm can be a fleeting thing or an eternity. Rearing its ugly head on a future recipient or the standby, waiting, willingly.
9) Your Demise – Tyrant/Dictator Number…who knows, there will be more, Corrupted by power, turning innocents to chowder.  We can destroy their instruments of destruction. We can demand elections. There will always be followers crying out for a new savior, Building a man into a God. Crushed by the horror stories they hatch.  Way after the fact!
10) The Feel – Sometimes we can be left a shell, sometimes not even that will remain. This is a continuous game. Played by souls full of hope. Racing toward a wall given just enough rope.
We are a world that knows how to want. We all want change but not enough will ever take that first step. It’s so much easier to just put the thought away, tearing out the page.
11) Darker Days – Headlines? Let’s just call them deadlines. Screw the feel good stories, There can never possibly be enough of them. Sugarcoat all the shit you want it’s still just what it is. We are killing each other at a ridiculous pace and finding out how much younger all the time.
12) Do I Know You? Who really knows anybody? I meet so many people and get some crazy reactions to unreal questions.
These are just some of the Beautiful Stories… 
Mushroomhead Tour Dates:
November 24 – Sandusky, OH at The Underground
November 27 – Cleveland, OH  at Peabody’s
December 10 – Chicago, IL at Another Hole In The Wall
December 11 – Grand Rapids, MI at The Intersection
December 12 – Madison, WI at The Annex
December 13 – Lincoln, NE  at Knickerbockers
December 14 – Co. Springs, CO  at Black Sheep
December 15  – Salt Lake City, UT at The Complex
December 16 – Boise, ID at The Knitting Factory
December 18 – Columbus, OH  at Al Rosa
January 21st  – Flint, MI  at Machine Shop
January 22nd – Geneva, OH at The Cove


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