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Children Of Bodom Unveil A Ton Of ‘Relentless Reckless Forever’ News

Children of Bodom will be releasing ‘Relentless Reckless Forever’ on March 8th, 2011. However, that hasn’t stopped them from starting their media blitz before the New Year. Below, you can check out a video teaser trailer for the upcoming single ‘Was It Worth It?’, which is described by singer/guitarist Alexi Laiho as “…a total party song. It’s not your typical Bodom sound, but it’s one of my favorites and heavy as hell.”

After the jump you’ll find the album artwork, track listing and more from Alexi on ‘Relentless Reckless Forever’.

‘Relentless Reckless Forever’ track list:
1.) Not My Funeral
2.) Shovel Knockout
3.) Roundtrip to Hell and Back
4.) Pussyfoot Miss Suicide
5.) Relentless Reckless Forever
6.) Ugly
7.) Cry of the Nihilist
8.) Was It Worth It? 
9.) Northpole Throwdown
10.) Party All the Time (* Eddie Murphy) 
“We worked super hard on this album, at least for me it was pretty much no sleep or rest for six weeks,” stated Laiho. “But we were determined to make the best COB album ever, so we were willing to do whatever it took. Of course, having our producer Matt Hyde kicking our asses 24/7 definitely made the results even better, so obviously we’re more than anxious to get this album out there”
Okay, is anyone else REALLY curious about that last track? Are Children of Bodom really covering Rick James and Eddie Murphy? If you don’t know the track, here you go:



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