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Exclusive Music Video Photos: TesseracT’s ‘Nascent’

Bloody-Disgusting has scored some exclusive before and after shots of TesseracT’s upcoming music video ‘Nascent’. The song comes from their upcoming album, ‘One’, which hits stores March 22nd. Also after the jump are some quotes from singer Daniel Tompkins and bassist Amos Williams. I’m personally loving the look and those weird octopus brain things are kinda badass. Check ’em out after the jump!

Make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Amos (bass), James (guitars) and Acle (guitars) as well as Jay’s (drums) Top 10 Horror Movie list and James and Acle’s guitar rig walkthrough.


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From singer Daniel Tompkins:

“Nascent means to be born, to exist. From birth, we originate and evolve into who and what we are today. We exist and expose ourselves to ever changing environments, dilemma and confrontation. Predisposed personality traits and external influences determine who we are, the decisions we make and actions we take throughout our lives but are we truly in control of our own actions? Our subject will discover for himself whether that his path in life was ever his to control, whether his defects and destructive choice where a result of genetic inheritance or the result of a misguided life. Nature or Nurture”

From bassist Amos Williams:

“For some unknown reason when thinking about the video for Nascent, the video for ‘Bland Street Bloom’ by Sikth popped into my head. I then saw the video for ‘Never Ending Dream’ by Cyclamen and was blown away…when I learned that both videos were done by Tim Fox (CultLovesYou), we just had to get him onboard. His work has the epic scope and creative freedom that we crave in TesseracT.”


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