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Kim Kardashian Releases ‘Jam’. Also A Rant From Jonny B.

Kim Kardashian premiered her song ‘Jam’ on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest. You can hear the disgusting mess after the jump where I’ve also posted a small rant about the song and Kim Kardashian in general.


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Where to begin with this track? Let’s start with the music, which is a driveling, unoriginal mess featuring nothing you haven’t heard before if you listen to pop. Not only is it unoriginal, it’s not even TRYING to be original! The lyrics, just like the music, is a driveling, unoriginal mess where the focus is telling the DJ to turn up the music and how awesome the club is. Sorry Kim, your song and your lyrics rank among the best deterrents to a dance club that I can think of.

How about Kim’s singing? Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t sing. She talks, altering her pitch minimally and then relies on auto-tune to spice things up. She sounds so bored as she sings. There is no excitement or energy in her performance. Did this girl get any vocal lessons before entering the studio or was she like those rich housewives who think that they can do whatever they want because they’re hot?
My biggest issue is that this song doesn’t deserve to have been made. Music is an art that people bleed and sweat for. Kim Kardashian one day decided that she would record a song for the hell of it and it is going to get more exposure than 99% of artists who actually understand what they’re doing and appreciate the effort and craft that goes into making music. I guarantee you that the only thing Kim Kardashian did for ‘Jam’ was walk into a studio, pick up the lyrics (which I’m 99.999% certain were NOT written by her), run through it a few times and that was it. 
Music like this sickens me and is a clear example of how the music industry focuses on the “Industry” aspect, forgoing and forgetting the “Music” side. The only thing that sickens me more is that this track will be eaten up by the masses who don’t appreciate the beauty of real music made my real musicians. 
Kim Kardashian, your song is garbage and you can ‘Jam’ it right up your perfectly formed ass.



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