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Mike Mangini Is The New Dream Theater Drummer

After the shock of Mike Portnoy leaving Dream Theater, many (including myself) were wondering what the future held for the band. Being a big fan of Dream Theater for many years (hell, I even flew out to New York and was at the Score show), it was near impossible to think of a Portnoy-less Dream Theater. The man was so iconic as the spokesman for the band that having him gone felt like the band was gone. But as the group has said, ‘The Spirit Carries On’. 

Through a three-part web-based video series, the rest of the DT members tried out seven astonishing drummers to see who would fit into the family, ending with Mike Mangini as the top pick (you can see the moment he is chosen in the third video at the 14:00 mark). Although I’ve told you who the drummer is, it’s still really worth checking out the series as it’s very well put together. The first part is here, the second part below and the third part is here



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