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Exclusive: Piranha 3D and Sorority Row Writer Josh Stolberg Shares His Top 10 Most Played iPod Songs

You readers seemed to love Piranha 3D. No, seriously, look at the user ratings. Well, you’ve got writer Josh Stolberg to thank for that. The man is also the writer behind the Sorority Row and is the co-producer on the upcoming Piranha 3DD. Here’s some more movie news directly from the mouth of Josh: “I’m producing a horror movie called “The Expedition” shooting in September, and directing a horror-thriller called “Stowaway” later this year.  Recent non-horror projects include writing and directing the indie film Conception making the rounds at film festivals across the country (, a remake of Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief at Paramount, and a film adaptation of Helen DeWitt best-selling book, “The Last Samurai“. “


Josh Stolberg on the set of Piranha 3D

After the jump, you can check out Josh’s Top 10 Most Played iPod Songs. Also, make sure you follow the man on Twitter, he’s a riot!

From Josh Stolberg:
Okay, so that heading/title is not entirely true.  Because my kids (8 and 5) are in the car a lot, their songs get a disproportionate amount of playing time on my iPod.  So looking over my “Most Played” list, I’m realizing that there’s an unfair amount of Justin Bieber, Victoria Justice, and Lemonade Mouth.  In transcribing this list, I’m seeing that when preparing for an unexpected death, it’s not only important to make sure you’re wearing clean underwear, but it might also be a good idea to clean the cache of your iPod’s top 25 “most played” list to get rid of the iCarly songs.  While I wouldn’t admit under oath that I haven’t played Justin Bieber’s “Baby” with no kids in the car, it certainly wouldn’t have made my top 10.  
So… excluding the kid music, here’s my actual, honest, top 10 most played songs from my iPod right now.  Some of these actually surprised even me…
#10.  Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.   I haven’t totally gotten into their new CD yet, but Only By The Night is, for me, one of the best rock albums of the past few years.  I love this song.  It’s got such a rich, layered sound.  Beautiful melody.  This one has stayed in my top ten “most played” for at least a year.
#9.  My Hero by the Foo Fighters.  While I love the original song, the actual version that’s in my top 10 list is a bootleg version that was recorded live on the Howard Stern show.  It’s just Dave Grohl on guitar and he’s complaining that his throat hurts, which just adds to the part when he starts his patented strained screaming.  The Foo Fighters are one of my favorite bands.  I see Grohl occasionally at this Farmer’s Market I go to in Studio City and I always want to go up and hug him for keeping rock and roll alive for the past ten years.  But I get the feeling he’d have me arrested.  
#8.  Blood Bank by Bon Iver.  I’m a sucker for guitar, folky, indie songwriters.  Bon Iver is my current 2011 folk-rock addiction.  Last year it was Colin Meloy.  The several years before that it was Damien Rice (although not in my top ten, “The Blower’s Daughter” is still in the top 25).  
#7.  Dammit by Blink 182.  Yes, I am a 14-year-old girl.  Don’t judge me.  The one on my iPod is actually the version from their live CD.  Not that it makes it any better.  I went to see Blink in concert last year.  I might have been the oldest person in the audience.  I was a little disgusted when they spit loogies into the crowd.  And I was confused that the audience loved it.  Anyway, I can’t help but smile when listening to them.  And screw all of you!  You’re no better than me!!!
#6.  Runaway by Kanye West.  While Kanye frustrates me to no end, personally, I really love his music.  I won’t defend him, but I’ll be the first one online to download his CDs.  
#5.  I’m on a Boat by The Lonely Island.  I absolutely love the fact that, although this is a parody, it was nominated for an Emmy for Best Rap Collaboration.  LOVE this song.   Funny as hell… “I’ve got a nautical-themed Pashmina Afghan”… come on, how great is that!?  Catchy beat.  I frequently turn this up and scream the lyrics while driving.  And I never sound whiter.  
#4.  American Jesus by Dean Gray.  This is a mash-up of Green Day’s American Idiot and a bunch of other songs.  I love mash-ups.  Although they can be painful sometimes, when the DJ gets it right, they can be better than the original songs.  I love this one.  It might help that American Idiot is one of my favorite CDs in the past ten years.  This mash-up is credited to be by Dean Gray (a play on the name Green Day), but it was produced by Party Ben and Team9.   It includes samples of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, Smokey Robinson’s The Tears of a Clown, and Kanye West’s Gold Digger (as well as the sound bite of Kanye saying that George Bush doesn’t care about black people… one of the times I actually LOVED him personally).  Great mash-up.  
#3.  Not Afraid by Eminem.  This is one my kids love, too.  Yes, call child services on me, my 5-year-old loves Eminem.  I always have to roll up the windows when he’s screaming out the lyrics, “Fuck the whole universe” so that the other people stopped at the red light don’t give me nasty looks.  
#2.  Waiting for the End by Linkin Park.  Love the mash-up of rock and rap, alt-metal vibe of Linkin Park.  I think this might be the only song in my top ten that you MIGHT have on your iPod at all (ye who hates Smells Like Teen Spirit… how dare you!?). [Editor’s note: Sorry Josh, just can’t help it. But I do like to bust out some Linkin Park sometimes. You’ve got me there]
#1.   Sweet Child of Mine by Taken by Trees.   I became addicted to this song when I saw the trailer for Last House on the Left.  I was a big GNR fan when I was a kid.  Despite the sound of it from my playlist, I was into much harder stuff when I was younger.  Nothing that you’d call “metal”, but the kind of stuff I owned before digital was AC/DC, GNR, Soundgarden, The Who, the Kinks… 
…but that was all before I became a 14-year-old girl. 



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