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OMFG Of The Day: Alice Cooper Joins Ke$ha On Stage

I’m in a weird frame of mind. Seems like more and more of todays pop stars are big hard rock/metal fans. Lady Gaga is certainly one, what with her near obsession of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Now Ke$ha is joining in on this trend by having shock rock legend Alice Cooper come up on stage in Oslo during a cover of School’s Out. So why the weird mood? Because as cool as it is that they are sharing their love of metal with their fans, these pop artists are just so…well, they just try way too damn hard to shock the world the way that the rock stars the idolize did in their time. Trouble is, our generation has pretty much seen and heard it all. So, these attempts to shock and awe us with fashion and “provocative” lyrics don’t have nearly the same impact. Basically, stop trying so hard with how you look and focus on the music you’re releasing.




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