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Exclusive: Glen Duncan And Stephen Coates Discuss ‘The Last Werewolf’ Part 2 Of 3

Last week, BD Music got to exclusively premiere part 1 of 3 of a podcast conducted by Ben Eshmade of Fairy Tales & Monsters on Arctic Circle Radio. This podcast featured The Last Werewolf author Glen Duncan and Stephen Coates, the songwriter behind The Real Tuesday Weld, who put together a soundtrack for the book (album review here). Well, we’re excited to bring you part 2 of 3 today! Check it out after the jump and make sure to order your copy of The Last Werewolf!


Stephen Coates and Glen Duncan talk about the novel and soundtrack, The Last Werewolf. Interview by Ben Eshmade. Originally recorded for Arctic Circle Radio, Fairy Tales & Monsters podcast.

Check out The Real Tuesday Weld:



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