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Left 4 Dead, as confirmed in an interview in one of these videos is being shipped November 4th of this year. They make it clear this is a game you want and need to play with your friends. Which is fantastic, my friend Reset and I were in a Game Stop the other day discussing the fact that we think every game ever should be co-op, because most of the time we would rather be playing with friends. Well in Left 4 Dead, you must rely a lot on you friends, because there are certain zombie attacks that will take you down, and you can’t get up until a friend comes and helps you. Zombies are constantly pouring in from every possible opening, you can never leave your back unguarded. If a friend is down, it’s up to you to get to them and heal them.

The game is very fast paced. It’s going to keep your heart beating out of your chest until you put the controller down. This is exactly the kind of game i’ve been looking for, and it being a zombie slaughtering game makes it that much better. It’s like the zombie version of Halo and I’m totally pumped about it.

When you reload, your character says “reloading”, to keep your friends up on if there is going to be a pause in your shooting. Also, you can see all of your friends health on the bottom of your screen so you know if anyone is in danger of dying. If you get vomited on by a zombie, you will get viciously swarmed by them. If you walk by certain items, your character will automatically yell, “grenades over here” to inform the others. And if your character is low on health, they will say, “please cover me” or something of the sort.

If you are playing online with strangers, and one person is screwing off and being a jerk, you can all vote to kick that person out of the party, which is amazing. The game is mostly built for working together, you can’t have a bad member of the team in a game like this.

Watch all the videos if you have the time, they are all completely worth watching, I could have sat there and watched a million more if they had them.



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