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There……..There Is No One Left Alive



Dead Space enthusiasts, get ready to get more enthused. Just launched is What’s it all about you’re wondering? They are interactive episodes, that allow you to explore on your own, and check different things out. A more hands on look into the world of Dead Space. Every week on Monday there will be a new episode released until the game is released on October 21st. Here is all the info you need to know.

“No Known Survivors is an experiential site that allows visitors to explore the narrative world of Dead Space. Over nine weeks, the site employs interactive components, 3D animations, voice acting, original video and animation, as well as Papervision 3D technology to tell two equally tragic four chapter stories. The First, “Misplaced Affection”, is the story of an organ replacement technician who falls hard for a capable female security officer. The second, “13”, tells of a sleeper agent who makes the wrong decisions for the right reasons. For an exclusive look behind the scenes of the launch check out IGN complete with exclusive assets including lost audio logs between a doctor and her patients, organ replacement forms, and video of the 3D body parts.

We worked really close with the studio team on this for story and creative, and have used some technology here on the execution that is really necessary in bringing an interactive narrative to fruition online. If anyone wants to chat with us on how we accomplished it we can set up interviews as well with the creative team.”

In case you are too lazy to type into your browser, click on my link below.


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