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Dead Space Extraction Exclusive For The Wii

Just 2 weeks ago Dead Space was announced for the Wii. Originally it was looking like it was going to be the same game, same storyline but with the physicality of the Wii. But announced today from E.A. that it will be totally different, new story, and new characters.

The game will be a prequel (they’re jumping all over the place with the games, movie, and comic) to the video game, and everything leading up to Issac’s arrival on the Ishimura. They are switching up to 1st person for Extraction. The games story follows a crew trying to escape the infection on the Aegis VII mining colony. It seems you will take on the role of a woman whom the crew must protect for some reason to stay alive as the infection spreads. The best part? Co-op multiplayer, which is going to be nothing shy of incredible. New characters, story and weapons along with a 1st person co-op to show them off. “We could not be more excited to extend Dead Space into an experience exclusive to the Wii. Nintendo has a wonderful history in the horror genre and we are thrilled to build on that tradition with Dead Space Extraction,” said Glen Schofield, VP and General Manager of EA Redwood Shores studio. “As we were developing Dead Space, we realized that there was so much of the story going untold. Dead Space Extraction tells that story with all of the intensity, blood and gore that fans would expect.” As you read, the E.A. Redwood Shores team who created the horror masterpiece Dead Space, will be making Dead Space Extraction. Make sure you check out the teaser trailer HERE



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