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Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC Screen Shots, Release Date



Broken Steel will be released May 5th. What really makes Broken Steel stand out from the previous 2 DLC’s for Fallout 3, is that it gives you the opportunity to change the way the game ends. You can order your companions to input the code at the end of the game, which wont make sense unless you have beaten it.

You can also bring Dogmeat back to life if he dies. Which I love cause I use the hell out of that dog. It is recommended that you beat the game 1st before you play Broken Steel. The level cap of 20 is raised to 30 in this DLC as well. Now as far as Dogmeat dies. You can now get a perk called “Puppies!” And when Dogmeat is killed in a vicious battle, when you go back to whatever home you have resided in, there will be a new puppy waiting for you! He will quickly grow up and resume the same level your previous Dogmeat was at. Read more about Broken Steel over at 1up.com


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