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E3: Exclusive Preview of the ‘Saw’ Game, Tobin Bell Talks!

After five movies and a sixth one on the way this October, Saw fans will now get the chance to try out Jigsaw’s intricate traps for themselves in a new video game based on the blockbuster horror series. The game should coincide with the release of the sixth film this fall and will be available for PS3, X-Box 360 and PC. Bloody-Disgusting got to play a demo of the game and speak exclusively with Tobin Bell about his work on the game.

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw in SAW

The game takes place between the first and second film and will fill in some gaps in the story lines and even offer some added info about the whereabouts of characters from the series. Bell voices Jigsaw, which Konami officially announced at their press conference today.

“Hello Detective Tapp, I want to play a game,” says the familiar voice of Bell as the opening screens of the game set the stage for the first level. To start, players take control of the character previously portrayed by Danny Glover in the first film, Detective David Tapp. Made up of a series of interactive traps and puzzles, users must solve each puzzle within a given time limit using various clues located within each environment. Just like the movies, if you don’t move fast enough and make the correct decisions, the results aren’t too pretty.

The game is set in an insane asylum, which was modeled after real insane asylums that the developers visited and studied as research for the game. In terms of traps, Konami wanted to keep a few secrets until gamers get their hands on the final release later this year, but the infamous reverse bear trap makes an appearance. There’s also a toilet bowl filled with syringes that players will have to sort through to pull out a fuse.

Saw: The Game looks great, both graphically and in terms of creating the atmospheric look and feel of being in a Saw movie, although the portion currently on display is relatively brief and still a little rough around the edges. As players explore the environment, Jigsaw offers a mixture of hints and taunts as the pressure builds towards an ever-impending deadline.

Just after Konami’s press conference announcing Bell as the voice of Jigsaw in the game, Bloody-Disgusting spoke exclusively with the horror icon to get his take on the video game.

Bloody-Disgusting: How much work have you done on the game so far?

Tobin Bell: I worked on it four to six weeks ago for about six or seven hours, which is a long time. You can get a lot done in that time. Leigh Whannel and James Wan were very much involved in the early stages of the game and I’ve talked to them. A lot of the work that I did in the films themselves and some of the concepts from the films are also in the video game. A lot of what happens in the game is very true to the film.

I think that there are some surprises in this that haven’t been in the films and hopefully we can have one play off the other in terms of the whole Saw story. You’ll learn some things in the video game that perhaps you didn’t know already.

BD: You mentioned that your son was pretty excited about the game. Has he gotten to play it yet?

TB: He hasn’t seen it yet. They’re still working it out, but I’m sure he will spend some time doing it when the time comes.

BD: Since the game takes place between the first and second film, is it weird to step back in time once again after just working on the sixth film?

TB: No, because we keep jumping back and forth in time. I usually have a fairly good timeline on where he’s at and what’s going on.

BD: Do you have a favorite trap from the game?

TB: I love the bear trap. It so exemplifies the film itself. The fact that it’s so present in the video game is great. I think you’ll also see the needle pit that Shawnee, the Amanda character, fell into. Plus they’ve come up with some different ones, ones I haven’t even seen yet.

BD: How much more work will you be doing on the game?

TB: I’ll go back and do some other sessions within a very short period of time. There’s always tweeks, missing things, things that don’t time out properly.



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