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Pro Zombie Soccer, Yeah, They’re That Good

I know what you’re thinking, a sports game where zombies play each other in some type of zombie soccer league? Nope. But I definitely thought the same thing. You basically take on the role of a guy that looks like he is in The Gorillaz, as he uses his soccer skillz to destroy zombies. You can see for yourself in the trailer below.

The team that made the game is amazingly enough called “The Super Awesome Hyper Dementional Team”. It consists of bigs in the industry who decided to join together to make exactly what their name implies. Games under their belts include: Plants vs. Zombies, Worms, Vin Diesel´s Wheelman, Terminator, Crush, Buzz, EyeToy Play series and Doodle Hex, among others. The game is full of features:

– One of the most surreal and funny stories to ever grace a videogame.

– Lots of different zombies for your zombie killing pleasure, all of them with different hit points.

– A powerful blockbuster-type soundtrack and sound design.

– And, of course, a nice combo system, different levels, Zombie Odyssey Mode for the hardcore gamers, and character skill upgrading system.

Pro Zombie Soccer is full of surprises and dismembered limbs!

Release date is still unknown, and the game is apple nerd compatible only.



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