Left 4 Dead's Zoey, Naked. - Bloody Disgusting
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Left 4 Dead’s Zoey, Naked.



I am a bit late seeing as this came out in June, but I figured since I just saw it for the 1st time, I would enlighten those who also haven’t seen this. L4DMods.com have a mod so you can see Zoey from Left 4 Deads in her mostly naked glory.

She is rocking her pink jacket, ripped off from the top of her boobs, and a belt. That’s pretty much it. She seems to have some scars around her hips and leg, and what looks like a huge zit on her forehead. But you wont be checking those out. Obviously you MUST be at least 18 to view these pics, but they don’t really do a great job of stopping you if you aren’t. So head HERE and check them out. And please post your perverted comments below.


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