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Aliens Vs Predator Multiplayer Demo Out Today! How About ANOTHER Trailer?

Yes today, right now, you can download the multiplayer demo for the upcoming Aliens Vs Predator game. The demo is available from the Xbox Live Marketplace, Playstation Network, and Steam. Check out the Infestation Mode trailer below. I’ve posted Game Trailers until I can get mine to upload.

The demo, yes will give you a shot playing as all 3 species, Marines, Aliens, and Predators. You can go up against others in Multiplayer Deathmatch Mode, on one of the multiplayer levels, known as refinery. “The team at Rebellion has created a truly immersive multiplayer experience with three completely different and compelling playable species. We believe that Aliens vs Predator offers gamers a unique alternative to the current FPS multiplayer games on the market, and sets a precedent for the evolution of multiplayer gaming in the genre,” said Gary Knight, European Marketing Director of SEGA Europe.

“Multiplayer was a huge part of our original AVP game back in 1999, and we’ve kept the spirit of that classic experience in creating the multiplayer for our new Aliens vs Predator. With the demo now gamers can get to grips with each of the three iconic species so they can hone their skills and be ready for when the game launches and battle commences,” said Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion.

The game releases on the 16th of this month for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.



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