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Deadly Premonition

Almost exactly 1 year ago I posted a story about a game known simply as Rainy Woods. The game was in production for a few years, and because of the games similarities to an old TV show known as “Twin Peaks” the developers decided to take the game in a different direction.

One thing changed was the name. Rainy Woods became Deadly Premonition. The game was released yesterday exclusively for the Xbox 360. But will be released in Japan for the Playstation 3 sometime in the future. The best part about this game is that it has an old school horror look to it, old Silent Hill like. And even better, it has a $20.00 price tag. The story and characters changed a bit in the re-imagining of the unreleased game. You take on the role of young FBI agent named Francis York Morgan. Who happens to be investigating a murder in the fake town known as, Rainy Woods. Just from watching that trailer you can tell there is going to be some creepy crazy weird stuff going on. You will also be able to go around the entire town of Rainy Woods (8 kilometer diameter) by foot or by car. There will be day, night, and weather changes that will dramatically effect game play.

• Large cast of eccentric characters, each with their own unique stories and agendas
• Numerous side quests
• Open world adventure- Can you survive the town of Greenvale?
• Combination of over-the-shoulder shooter action, driving and 3rd person adventure/exploration offers a variety of gameplay
• Profiling prowess to recreate the crime with the various clues and items found on the scene of each crime, unraveling the mystery of the “Red Seed Murders”
• Multiple mini-games, including fishing and racing, which gain you experience points to upgrade Agent York’s arsenal
• Dozens of melee, ranged and hidden weapons to choose from to battle the forces of evil
• Over 20 hours of mystery, suspense and intrigue!

Over 20 hours of game play for 20 bucks isn’t a bad deal.



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