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Lost Planet 2 Excellent New Trailer, And Multiplayer Map Screenshots

Summer is coming fast. And along with summer the snow on E.D.N III is melting. What does that mean? Well we’ll have to get Lost Planet 2 to find out. The game is looking pretty epic with every new trailer.

The game will be out May 18th for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Head past the break for screens on some exclusive pre-order maps. If you pre-order Lost Planet 2 from Game Stop you’ll get 2 exclusive map packs (the ones I posted below). Also, previously an exclusive pre-order was the Wekser skin and powerful magnum, but Capcom switched gears (no pun intended) and they will be releasing Wesker to everyone.

Back to the Island
The shady atoll of Island 902 is broken into wide open spaces and compact interiors. Choose your battlefield from the beaches to the battered carrier, or explore a new dimension in the underwater battle. Control the bridge to dominate the map, but beware attacks from all sides.

The underwater NEVEC mining facility houses several layers and twisted corridors. Swim between the layers, or dive to the bottom to change your point of attack. Aqua Catapults can launch you to the upper levels in a hurry, and you must learn every corner and get the upper hand on your enemies.

2 player splitscreen layout is looking a lot like Resident Evil 5’s, however the map is in a much better place. With good reason 2, the team behind RE5’s splitscreen will be doing it for Lost Planet 2’s as well.



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