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Dante’s Inferno The Trials Of St. Lucia Walkthrough Trailer

The Trials Of St. Lucia is a pretty huge DLC pack for Dante’s Inferno. It’s going to include a trials game editor; so you can spend countless hours (like I have in Halo 3 forge mode) putting together trial after trial to play.

You will also be able to take on the role of St. Lucia herself, and work together with a friend cooperatively to make it through the trials together. Past the break for more. • St. Lucia – A New Playable Character – Play as the beautiful and deadly St. Lucia of Syracuse; this battle-ready angel can fly and wields all new moves and combos.
• Online Co-Operative Play – Choose Dante or St. Lucia and play co-operatively online; combine battle tactics with other players to defeat online Trials and earn a ranking on the Inferno leaderboards.
• Create Combat Trials – Create your own Trials with a full-featured combat editor, pick from new locations, create waves featuring new and existing Dante’s Inferno enemies, tune and script them, add traps, obstacles & aid… then upload and share your creations online.
• Challenge Yourself & Other Players– Download and play other players’ Trials or try your hand at beating EA’s increasingly dangerous single and two-player Trials for medals, leaderboard scores, and achievements/trophies.
• Rate Trials – Provide a 1 to 5 star rating for Trials that you play. The online community will help the best Trials rise to the top!
• Rank on the Worldwide Leaderboards – Compare your worldwide standings as Player and/or Creator.
Product Specifications

The Trials Of St. Lucia DLC will be released on April 29th for $10.00 or 800 Microsoft Space Bucks for the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace



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