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DPM July: Sexy Gamer Peripherals, Saw II Hands-On Impressions, Limbo Review, & More!

It’s that time of the month again, as a new month begins we take a quick glance back at the previous month’s offerings. July was, as it usually is, light on new releases but fairly heavy on news (thanks to Comic Con).

Inside you’ll find some thoughts from TJ, our impressions on the upcoming Saw 2: Flesh and Blood (it’s looking like more gory fun!), a few reviews, and what we think of the QPad 5K gaming mouse and GameCom headset. So if you think you might’ve missed something (maybe you were outside doing whatever people do outside in the summer?) you should definitely get caught up.

TJ here. I find myself running out of things to blah about. So this month I will take a trip back in time to when the Nintendo Wii came out. Let’s talk graphics. They’re just not up to Playstation 3 Xbox 360 standards. Why? I get it, they wanted to spice it up with the Wiimote and the Nunchuck, but what about the graphics? My fear now for Nintendo is that they now will always be behind the Playstation and Xbox. As they progress to the next level, will the next Nintendo System only have PS3 and 360 graphics? I guess only time will tell. Step it up, Nintendo.

Adam, back to you.

Overall, July was light on just about everything, but that can be blamed on the coming holiday season (starts September!) so July and August can be considered the calm before the storm. You better finish your backlog of games (mine includes Red Dead Redemption, Singularity, and a little Transformers action) before the big titles start hitting shelves.


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