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Project Vector Mod Transforms StarCraft II Into Something Scary

I love me some StarCraft 2 and I’ve even been known to enjoy the occasional horror game every now and then so this mod entitled Project Vector looks pretty damn cool. You assume the role of a space marine with shiny LEDs on his back who has the miraculous ability to float towards his enemies making them cower in fear as they get disintegrated by the gnome cannons placed on each of his breasts.

None of that is true. Actually, not much is known about the story but it’s probably safe to say you play as a marine who’s hunting aliens in an assortment of eerie environments (like the cruiser in the video after the jump). The goal of the mod is to reshape StarCraft 2, a real-time strategy game, into a fully playable third-person horror game, and to that extent I think it’s all coming along quite nicely. Check out some very creepy gameplay after the jump.

Obviously it still requires a good deal more work, like a drastically shorter character that doesn’t take up so much of the screen. Other than that I’ve always thought the Zerg were pretty intimidating so assuming those are the baddies you have to fight this could end up being a must-have whenever it’s finished. Who knows, maybe this could actually make up for the long lost (yet still sorely missed) StarCraft: Ghost. So what about you, what would you like to see in a StarCraft horror game?



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