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Boat Peripheral for Kinect Keeps You Nice and Dry

If you were under the assumption that because Kinect doesn’t have controllers it wouldn’t bring with it a wave of useless peripherals, the cleverly titled Game Boat would like to prove you wrong. This third party peripheral is truly ingenious because while at first glance it looks like a small raft, it’s actually been specifically designed to work in your living room.

Unlike other floatation devices, the scientists at Atomic Accessories have toiled away for days (possibly even weeks to bestow upon us the Game Boat, a peripheral that helps immerse you in the game by giving you something to… jump on? So, is anyone interested in this, and if you are, can I ask you something? Why, oh God WHY?! I’ve spent a few minutes trying to think of a reason for such a thing to exist but I’ve realized this only exists so a company can make money off ignorant people who see it in a store and think their kid will love it. On the other hand it is really red and bouncy and I like red and bouncy things, so maybe it’s not so bad.



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