Castlevania Composer Outs Lords of Shadow Sequel - Bloody Disgusting!

Castlevania Composer Outs Lords of Shadow Sequel

With Lords of Shadows barely out and our review incoming, the game has received a solid amount of acclaim so far. Speaking with a Spanish radio station the game’s composer, Oscar Araujo outed that the game’s sequel is already in development.

It’s hardly surprising that a gorgeous game in an established franchise that’s garnered very positive reviews would get a sequel, it’s just surprising we’re hearing about it so soon. Read Araujo’s tease after the jump. Speaking with Spanish Radio, Arajuo said “If you liked the first [game], hope that the second is even more spectacular.” Not necessarily an in your face tease of the game but we can definitely expect to hear something a little more substantial once Lords of Shadow has finished its run.

For a while now the Castlevania series has had trouble breaking into the realm of 3D gameplay, but it would seem Lords of Shadow has changed all that.