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Fallout New Vegas Is Bringing You Your 1st Downloadable Content

If any game can truly deliver on some amazing downloadable content. It’s Fallout. We got 5 DLC packs for Fallout 3 that greatly expanded the Fallout universe, and it looks like they will definitely be doing the same with New Vegas. “Dead Money” is the name of the 1st DLC and it will release EXCLUSIVELY for the Xbox 360 for 800 Donkey Slapping Bucks on December 21st.

In Dead Money you and 3 other captured wastelanders are in search of a hidden treasure inside the Sierra Madre Casino. Like in the rest of the game yo must make choices on how to survive and make it out alive with the treasure. “We’re pleased to give fans a chance to expand their experience in Fallout: New Vegas this December with Dead Money,” said Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks. “The release of Dead Money illustrates our commitment to creating entertaining add-on content for players to enjoy in already massive games like Fallout: New Vegas.”



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