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Playboy Party

This caught my interest, and why shouldn’t it? A playboy game? As in, yes Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, the bunnies and all. Zynga, the company that makes Farmville and Frontierville is valued at 5.5 billion dollars. E.A. as in Electronic Arts, video game GIANT is valued at 5.2 billion. That is INSANE. It just goes to show you these games aren’t going anywhere.

Any who, in the Playboy game, you are a new millionaire who moves into town, and starts throwing parties, inviting celebs and of course playmates. They also give you sexy pictures as a thank you for inviting them to your parties. Nerds also find their way into your parties, and it’s up to you to keep them out. If you know anything about Facebook games they are addictive, and this one will be no less. I recommend giving it a shot if you’d at least like a good laugh. PLAYBOY PARTY “This is our Christmas present to the Internet”, said Dylan Collins, Chairman of Jolt Online Gaming. “We almost went blind developing this game but we think that Playboy Party will keep you entertained anywhere you can access your Facebook account”.

Jolt is not responsible for any loss of sex life that may occur if you post Playboy Party stories to your newsfeed which your girlfriend then reads. Just saying.



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