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‘Murder Your Maker’ Teases Prototype 2 Reveal

Let the viral marketing commence! Murder Your Maker is one of those sites we’re all used to by now that’s created with the soul purpose of hyping up a game. Unlike most viral sites however, this one looks to have given away too much in its incredibly brief teaser that you can check out by hitting that adorable ‘Read More’ button below.

I enjoyed the first Prototype because despite its numerous flaws it got one very important thing right: it was fun. With the exception of Saint’s Row too many sandbox games toss ‘fun’ in the backseat so they can better focus on pesky little things like realism or visuals. It’s because of this that I will always choose Saint’s Row 2 over Grand Theft Auto IV, because I have absolutely no desire to go bowling with my cousin or stare at the outside of an apartment complex while my character makes sweet, sweet love to some chick I just spent a few hours romancing. Err, sorry about the tangent, head past the break for the teaser and why it’s almost certainly all about Prototype 2.

First off, this is a game being published by Activision, just like the original, they’ve had a good amount of time to work on its sequel that Prototype performed well enough to warrant. Now, all that doesn’t necessarily prove this is about its sequel, and that’s where the teaser successfully manages to fill in the blanks.

Prototype took place in New York and the above video mentions it more than once, there’s references to ‘infections’ and ‘murdering your maker’, the latter of which could easily be assumed to be Alex Mercer’s burning desire to get back at those who made him into a badass killing machine. Oh yeah, there’s screens taken right out of the first game, essentially removing all mystery.

We won’t be sure what the game is until it’s unveiled at the Spike VGAs on the 11th, along with Guillermo Del Toro’s horror project , a potential Resident Evil reveal and a Gears of War surprise.

So yeah, assuming this is Prototype 2, is this a game you’re looking forward to or is it a series best left in the past?



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