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Check Out the Official Dead Pixels Youtube Channel

You know what your day is lacking right now? It’s missing a potent dose of video game action that only the official Dead Pixels youtube channel can remedy. Our goal is to have more subscribers then Fred by the end of the year, because no one with a voice like that deserves so many subscribers.

You might be asking yourself why you would need to check out our channel when you already devote hours of your day keeping up to date on everything TJ and I write about with an almost religious vigor. But even the most passionate of our fans aren’t necessarily getting their recommended daily dose of Dead Pixels, which means there’s always room for more. On top of that there’s a plethora of trailers, teasers, gameplay videos and more on our channel that don’t get covered here. So why don’t you add some more Dead Pixels to your day and if you’re feeling extra generous you could show your endless love and devotion by subscribing. It’s what Santa would want you to do.



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