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New Dead Space 2 Trailer & Some Christmas Wishes From Isaac Clarke

Right here, not two inches below the line you’re currently reading lies a brand new trailer for Dead Space 2, due out January 25th. But that’s not all I have here, oh no sir. It’s Christmas after all, the time for presents and the assorted shenanigans that come with it so after the jump I have a knee-slapper of a video that oughta spread the Christmas cheer like Malaria.

If the above trailer is your dinner the video past the break would be a rather delicious desert, so why don’t you go check it out. If you don’t it’ll hurt my feelings, and you don’t want that, do you?

See? Wasn’t that worth the work it took to hit that little Read More button? I think it was, but I admit I could be just a little bias.



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