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Not One, But Two DLC Packs En Route For Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Don’t put away your copy of Lords of Shadow just yet as there are two DLC packs on the way that will continue the story next year. The first, dubbed Reverie, will have Gabriel returning to the vampire’s castle to vanquish an evil that was let loose after he took out Carmilla. The second dose of DLC, entitled Resurrection is an epilogue to the main game and will continue the story and promises a fight with a yet to be revealed “notorious enemy”. No word on what these packs will cost but Reverie and Reserrection are due out in February and April, respectively.

If that wasn’t enough to quench your thirst for all things Castlevania, maybe a delightful Christmas e-card will from the team at Konami will. It’s cute, and this is the time of year where cuteness runs rampant, growing in power until mid-February where cute hits its climax of over Valentine’s Day. Check it out at the Konami site.



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