Alternative Universes Can Be A Bitch, Resistance Is Proof - Bloody Disgusting!

Alternative Universes Can Be A Bitch, Resistance Is Proof

The Resistance series is one of the few good exclusive games for the Playstation 3. And in the 3rd game America has been taken over and destroyed by those hideous creatures known as the Chimerans. I would give you and idea of the story line but I just spoiled the ending of Resistance 2 by reading it myself. God damn it do I hate press releases.

So let me break it down. You take on the role of Blah Blahbla, who has been blahed from the blah for killing Blah Blah. Blah Blahbla has been hiding underground in Oklahoma with his wife and son. He meets scientist Dr. Fyodor Malikov and they have a plan that could potentially deal a huge blow to the Chimerans. Past the break for more KEY FEATURES:
· Journey as mankind’s last hope, Joseph Capelli, across a devastated America, making your way from Haven, Oklahoma to New York City.
· Resistance 3 returns with a fully loaded arsenal of innovative weapons, including classics like the Bullseye, Auger, Rossmore, and Marksman, and increase the firepower of each with a new weapon upgrade system. With the return of the fan-favorite weapon wheel, players now have access to the entire sandbox of weaponry, giving them strategic choices for any situation they encounter.
· Engage smarter and more agile Chimeran enemies – due to Insomniac’s new awareness and cinematic traversal technology that gives the Chimera the ability to traverse any environment to reach you: nowhere is safe. Newly evolved Chimeran species – such as the powerful, leaping Longlegs – are larger and more deadly than ever.
· Two-player online and local/split-screen co-op gameplay allows players to team up with a friend during Capelli’s journey to New York.
· A new, more focused, progression-based multiplayer experience builds on Insomniac’s multiplayer pedigree, while allowing players to take part in the global resistance by battling in locations set around the globe.

Resistance 3 comes out exclusively for the Playstation 3 September 6th, 2011.