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Finally, Nintendo Drops The Info We’ve Been Waiting For About The 3DS

We’ve been waiting quite a while to hear what Nintendo would be selling it’s hand held gem the 3DS for, and when it was going to come out. Well, today is the day! Are you ready? $250.00 majestic dollars. Before you flip your shit about the price. “Ah what?! That’s what I spent on my Wii!!” The Nintendo Ds originally sold for $150.00 and the DSi sold for $170.00. So, technically for glassessless (made that up) 3D, you pay $250.00. If you have a problem with that, then stop being a crybaby and buy it when the price drops.

Moving on! The Nintendo 3DS is looking at a North American release date, of March 27th. You can get it in 2 colors, cosmo black, or aqua blue. Though some older pictures showed a red one, it doesn’t look like that will be a choice. If you still don’t know every little thing there is to know about the Nintendo 3DS, please let Adam Nintendodd (just made that up, pretty excited about it) tell you all about it HERE! Head past the break, please! Between its release and the E3 convention in June, Nintendo plans to have 30 or more titles available for purchase. Look for such classics as Zelda, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, and much much more.

“Nintendo 3DS is a category of one – the experience simply doesn’t exist anywhere else,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “You have to see Nintendo 3DS to believe it. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”



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