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Resident Evil Mercenaries Is Another Great Reason To Invest In The Nintendo 3DS

I know a lot of you are like “Well, the 3DS is sweet. But I don’t want to shell out the 250 bucks for it.” Well, I bought a PSP for 1 game, and I barely played that game, and never touched my PSP again. So I understand where you are coming from.

However, throwing 2 Resident Evil games at us right off the bat is just fucking unfair. If you played RE4 and RE5, then you should know what Mercenaries is all about. If not, in Resident Evil Mercenaries you are basically timed, and you have to kill as many enemies and rack up as many points as possible. Playable characters are Chris Redfield, Krauser, Hunk and, Claire Redfield. You can also play online co-op with a friend if you’d like. Would have been cooler if you could play 4 player co-op cough throw that in there Capcom COUGH COUGH.

You will play in fancied up levels from Resident Evil 4 and 5. They have also, FUCKING FINALLY stepped up their game. You can move and shoot. Like in Dead Space. It’s about god damn time!

Features include:
Fan favorite Resident Evil Mercenaries mode, in 3D and on a handheld for the first time
Fast-paced, combat-heavy Resident Evil action
2 player co-op gameplay with Ad Hoc and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Reworked missions from the original with new placement of enemies and objects
Choose from legendary past and present Resident Evil characters, including for the first time in Mercenaries, Claire Redfield



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